Situated on Grendyke Street running alongside Glasgow Green, the 18th Century St Andrew’s by the Green, otherwise known as the Whistlin Kirk, was the first Episcopal Church to be built in Scotland since the Reformation of 1560.  The type of puritanical Presbyterianism that was established post Reformation was such that musical instruments were forbidden as part of worship.  The Episcopalian Church is basically the Church of England in Scotland and, well, they liked a good time.  They had a church organ installed, the bellows of which make a whistling sound and hence the name.

In contrast to the Presbyterian St Andrew’s in the Square which is just around the corner which took eighteen years to build, the Whistlin Kirk was built within one or two years leading to accusations that somehow the Devil must have been involved.

Now, before the grammarians point out the lack of an apostrophe in the title, I should point out that ‘Whistlin Kirk’ is a Scots name and that the present participle in Scots is     <-in> and not <-ing>, therefore, there is no need for further punctuation.

No longer a church, the building now houses the West of Scotland Housing Association.